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Forex Strategies

Our managed strategies serve investors who prefer more tailored investment approaches. Access to these strategies are available to all investors. Our strategies provide managed exposure to digital assets.

Real Estate

Our experts matches human capital with purpose-built infrastructure and systems to help institutional and private investors meet their unique liquidity needs through a full suite of industry standard practices.


Below the hype and speculation that have gripped this emerging asset class, there are market fundamentals. Our research aims to distill this information and separate signal from noise for all digital asset investors..


Know About Us

We are a team of finance professionals, portfolio managers, traders, and product innovators who embrace digital disruption and believe in its potential to transform markets, economies, and modern society. Our leadership team has a proven track record in delivering innovative financial products and services in emerging asset classes. We have managed billions of dollars for institutional investors and built innovative financial products and funds for the world’s leading financial organizations. Oh, and we have a thing for bitcoin and it’s technologies.


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To start earning , you should pick an investment plan . We have plans for all pocket sizes.


for all portfolios
20% profit
  • Minimum : $100
  • Maximum : $999
  • Duration : 1 Day
  • Capital Return After Investment
  • First Investment Bonus : $50
  • 5% Referral Commission


for all portfolios
30% profit
  • Minimum : $1,000
  • Maximum : $9,999
  • Duration : 3 Days
  • Capital Return After Investment
  • First Investment Bonus : $130
  • 5% Referral Commission


for all portfolios
50% profit
  • Minimum : $10,000
  • Maximum : UNLIMITED
  • Duration : 7 Days
  • Capital Return After Investment
  • First Investment Bonus : $200
  • 5% Referral Commission

Earn up to 30% worth of crypto

Earn 5% bonus of every investment from  your friend, family and anyone you invite to our company using your referral link found in your account.


Secure Transaction Platform

Hedge Against Inflation

Crypto Currency price has always tended to increase with the cost of living. Crypto has never lost its value.

Hedge Against Global Instability

Crypto Currency never loses its value even during the times of wars, recession, social unrest, etc.

Speculate On Demand Growth

As the demand for the crypto increases, the general market price of the Crypto Currency automatically increases.


Cloud mining provide a reliable supply of crypto and it has been a very profitable sector for years.

We strive to deliver the best execution available in the market, with the highest speed and quality of execution, so you can be confident of consistently fast and accurate pricing.

We’ve automated every aspect of the trade process, with the goal of ensuring your trades are executed as fast as possible at the price you expect – or a better one.

When the market moves in your favor, our trading technology automatically passes along the savings by executing your trade at a better price.


Commitment To Our Investors appreciate the trust the investors have in us all throughout the world. Even at difficult times when other businesses are suffering due to pandemics, war, economic and social unrest, we on the other hand have been able to support our investors and our employees and even support their families as w ell. We are grateful to our clients in keeping trust in us and investing in us and we promise to keep the trust and pay back the profits along with the other bonuses promptly and diligently.
Our success in balancing out the multiple businesses and reaping profits, and then supporting the community back even when most of the governments have failed makes us very proud


Caledonia Investment is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The mission of the SEC is to protect investors; maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitate capital formation.

Caledonia Investment is a member of The Financial Commission, an international organization engaged in the resolution of disputes within the financial services industry in the Forex market.


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Caledoniafxllc Affiliate Program offers additional opportunities in the form of referral program and binary matching income. Anybody can become a member of our program by registering to our program. To earn referral income, all you have to do is to share information about our investment offer with your friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues, as well as send them a unique referral link; after someone registers through your link, that person becomes your referral.

Referral Income

As and when a member refers another member for investing under his/her own sponsor ID, the sponsor receives 5% as referral income on the member’s investment. Referral income is pooled instantly.

The Bitcoin market is gaining traction at an astounding rate. So we have created a platform that offers a different and innovative approach to trading cryptocurrency, and one that is tailored to the needs of all users and investors.

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