Join us as a Regional Partner

A representative is  employed by . We take any responsibility about representatives’ actions. They can sign on behalf of . They can offer any of the services we are providing! They introduce investors/startups/entrepreneurs to and our team takes it forward.

We are looking for visionary people with a passion for startups and entrepreneurship who would like to join us as representatives and represent us in different countries worldwide. As a representative, your mission is to bring entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. This can be done through your networks or while you are attending conferences. You could be speaking about model and programs and presenting them.

By joining as regional representative , you are offered exciting opportunities with our company. These includes $1500 monthly payment from the company , sponsored trips to visit our headquarters, complimentary accommodation, flights covered by the company, and many more exclusive benefits tailored for our regional representatives. 

As a regional representative, you will have the privilege of:

1. Trip and Visitation to Company Headquarters:
– Get an insider’s look at our operations, meet key team members, and immerse yourself in our company culture.

2. Accommodation and Flight Coverage:
– Enjoy the convenience of having your accommodation and flight expenses covered by the company, ensuring a seamless and comfortable visit.

3. Networking Opportunities:
– Connect with industry leaders, fellow investors, and key stakeholders during exclusive events and gatherings.

4. Access to Exclusive Insights:
– Gain access to in-depth market insights, product previews, and strategic discussions that will give you a competitive edge.

5. Personalized Support:
– Receive dedicated support and resources tailored to your regional needs, empowering you to drive growth and success in your area.

This is just the beginning of the exciting journey that awaits you as a regional representative. We believe that by joining us in this capacity, you will not only strengthen your relationship with the company but also pave the way for mutual growth and prosperity.

If you are interested in seizing this opportunity and becoming a regional representative, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to embarking on this journey together and achieving new heights of success.


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